Dear friends in the Lord,

Shalom!  These are challenging days, indeed, with many worries on our minds and fears that can get the best of us.   We really are living a Lenten desert experience, now, aren’t we?   We are going into the unknown.   However, who can we place our faith in?. offer our anxieties to?…. be in solidarity with?   Yes, our Lord, Jesus.   He is our companion and our friend in this desert experience of Lent – heightened by the Coronavirus scare.

Tired, thirsty, and hungry in the desert, Jesus faced his demons, tempered his fears, chased away the voices of doubt.   May we appeal to his courage and single mindedness in faith that nothing would separate Him from the love of God….. nor can anything separate US from that love - if we will it.    For as St. Paul says, “No, in all these things we conquer overwhelmingly through him who loved us.    For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor present things, nor future things, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”   (Romans 8:37-39)

So, my friends, let’s put our trust in our Lord that He is with us and He will empower us to persevere and endure the sacrifices that each of us is making through the Coronavirus pandemic.   This, too, will pass – just like the desert experience ended for Jesus.  “And the angels came and ministered to Him.”   (MT 4:11)   May the angels come and minister to each of you as well.   And may we appreciate the graces revealed - even in the desert.


Here at St. Jude we are directly challenged indeed with the church closures and suspended masses.   However, we have good news:  we will BROADCAST/ LIVE STREAM masses on the St Jude Church website for five days a week starting on Friday, March 20, 2020 at 8:30 AM.  The broadcast/ live stream will continue throughout Lent on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 8:30 AM and on Saturdays at 4:30 PM and on Sundays at 11:00 AM.  

How to find the videos?  Just click on the link below that says Watch Mass Online on the website.

My friends, we do believe that the marvelous people here at St Jude will persevere and come out of this current situation stronger and more faith- filled than ever.   Let’s unite with Jesus, and pray to our Lord to be with us and guide us through the fears with the faith he so valiantly and graciously models for us.  May God bless each of you and your families, and may we not lose this, our faith, that is such a precious and valuable, God given gift.

Our Parish expects Mass attendance each week, therefore the weekly offering, to decrease significantly in the coming weeks. First thank you for all Parish Members who already give online!! This will significantly help in curtailing the loss of our Sunday offerings, I also would like you at this time of need to consider setting up online donations in lieu of your Sunday offering envelope. On our Parish Website please click on the online giving button and it will take you through the process. You may also send your offering in the mail.  We rely on your generosity and support to be able to carry on with our mission of preaching of Jesus Christ. Please help us to continue the work of serving our parishioners and supporting our buildings and staff during this crisis. 

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