A Letter from our Pastor

Posted on March 19, 2020 in: General Parish News

Faith, Hope and Love

This morning (March 19th) I said the Mass for Saint Joseph to a dark and empty church.  It was a very weird feeling.  I had to remind myself that the Church teaches that at every mass the Community of Saints is present.  It was still dark and lonely though.

These are extraordinary times for all of us.  I prayer to Saint Joseph that just as he was tasked with taking care of the needs of the Infant Jesus, he would pray for us and keep us safe as well.

I know that many are upset that there are no public masses at present.  Remember what Jesus told the Samaritan woman.  There will come a time, and is here now, when people will no longer worship on this mountain or in Jerusalem, but will worship God in Spirit and Truth.

God save us all.
Fr. Mike


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