St. Jude is one of 11 schools participating in the Western Athletic Conference golf program. The participants will be expected to have a general understanding of how to play the game and will play the matches under league rules. This program is a great social and athletic opportunity. The golf program focuses on giving student athletes the opportunity to be self-sufficient, responsible, honest, and competitive. 


The program is open to students in 5th-8th grade. If a younger student wishes to participate, he or she will be permitted to play upon showing the appropriate skill set. 


Participants play several rounds in late spring to establish their team placement. The season starts in the last weeks of July and ends with a league tournament at the beginning of October. There are 10-14 matches played depending on the level of placement. This program provides opportunities for student athletes to compete in golfing competitions in a team environment. The matches played are held at local courses and are based on the athlete’s ability level.


This program is geared towards giving students an opportunity to develop their abilities to play golf. There are opportunities to do group practice, but they are not mandatory.

For additional information about St. Jude golf, please see the file listed on the right hand column entitled "About Golf at St. Jude".