WELCOME BACK!          

                                             He is Risen, Alleluia!  “The people who have walked in darkness

                                                              have seen a great light.” – Isaiah 9:1

We are thrilled to have YOU back in church!   To make our Masses possible during this unique time of the COVID-19 virus, we need your help.  Please observe the following directives to render our liturgies safe as suggested by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati:

Entering and Exiting the Church:

Make every effort to maintain a social distance of 6-feet apart.

We suggest and recommend that you wear a facemask.

Every other pew will be utilized and marked accordingly for seating purposes.

Doors will remain open during Mass to provide ventilation.

Hand sanitizer will be available near all the exits.

Please enter and exit with a purpose to avoid lingering chances for viral infestation/spread.

Hospitality with the celebrant and other parishioners WILL return when it is safe to do so.

During the Mass:

We will feature one Coordinator and Lector and three Eucharistic Ministers per Mass.

The Mass will be abbreviated with limited songs and verses per song. 

Cell phones may be used (on silent) to reference Mass readings and song verses from the program posted on the St. Jude Parish website.

There will be no Offertory Procession nor Sign of Peace. 

Stationary collection basket(s) will be placed for your donation offering before or immediately after the conclusion of Mass.

Receiving the Holy Eucharist:

Please receive the Holy Eucharist in your hand.

Follow one-way traffic patterns for synchronized movement.

When receiving Communion, please keep social distancing in mind.


Masses will continue to be Live Streamed on our website and on Facebook Live.

The Archbishop has dispensed everyone from the Sunday obligation.  Therefore, the desire to attend Mass can be fulfilled any day of the week.

Adjusted Mass times at St. Jude:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:30am; Saturday at 4:30pm; and Sunday at 11am. 

Confessions will be conducted only anonymously on Saturdays at 3:00pm in the old-style Confessional Box.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!  The past two months have presented a most challenging time.  Let us pray for one another and for our Church as we persevere with hope and faith into the future.  God bless you and welcome back!

St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations,

“Pray For Us!”

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