St. Jude Memorial Mass

Posted on October 09, 2020 in: General Parish News

Memorial Mass

  On Monday, November 2nd, at 7:00p.m.., we will celebrate our annual Mass of Remembrance for those members of our parish family who have passed away during the last year.

  All members of the parish are invited to join us for prayers on this day.  However, a special invitation is extended to family and friends of those who have died during this past year.  During this Mass a candle lighting ceremony will recognize each of those who have died.  The candle that will be lit in each person’s memory will then be given to that person’s family as a prayer memorial in their honor.

   In preparation everyone in the parish who has lost a loved one is invited to take one of the sheets of colored paper that are available at the entrances of the church.  These papers may be decorated in anyway that speaks to you of your loved one, just be sure to include their name on this paper.  The memorial sheets will be entered into our parish Book of Remembrance.  The Book of Remembrance will be displayed in the Sanctuary during the month of November.  It reminds us that those who have died will never be forgotten.  They live in our memories.  Bring the finished pages with you to the Memorial Mass.  We will receive these pages in the vestibule prior to the celebration and enter them into our parish Book of Remembrance.


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