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Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The St. Jude Boosters is the parish organization devoted to the successful planning and management of a comprehensive and well-rounded sports program that all parish children can benefit from. The St. Jude Booster ideals go beyond the playing field by strongly supporting high academic standards, emphasizing good sportsmanship and the team concept. The Boosters go even further by selecting coaches and assistants who will instill the highest moral values and always conduct themselves as positive role models for our child athletes to emulate. The Boosters are devoted to continue providing a team with this atmosphere for every child in the parish who wants to participate in sports.

The St. Jude Parish Booster sports program currently sponsors teams in elementary school football; boys and girls basketball teams, instructional through high school; boys baseball, instructional through high school; girls softball, instructional through high school; girls volleyball, fourth grade through high school; boys volleyball, fifth through eighth grades; boys and girls soccer, elementary through high school; and a boys and a girls track program. Sign-ups are conducted several months before the season by each sport’s coordinator. Booster policy emphasizes that the sign-up deadline be strictly adhered to since the number of sign-ups is pivotal in determining team numbers and sizes. Notice of the sign-ups is always provided through the church bulletin and a flyer given to each St. Jude and PSR student.

Boosters’ meetings are open to the entire parish, are held in the undercroft and begin at 8:00 p.m. Meetings are always scheduled on the second Wednesday of the months of January, March, May (board election meeting), July (the annual cookout, held on the field concession area), September and November. The Booster Executive Board also meets on the second Thursday of every other month. Board meetings are limited to board members only, however parishioners may request a special meeting with the board by contacting the Booster President to schedule a time, if the situation warrants. As a reminder of upcoming meetings, the date and time of meetings is always included in the school’s newsletter the “Hey, Jude,” the weekly church bulletin and another reminder is sent home with the students.

The Booster policy is that all parishioners are automatically boosters simply by being a member of St. Jude Parish. There are no fees, dues or other requirements. The executive board (some of whom are elected, some appointed) is responsible for final decisions. However, it is a goal of the board to have all decisions reflect the opinions, wishes and goals of the majority at large who attend the bimonthly open meetings, where all matters related to the sports program are openly presented and discussed.
The Boosters’ ultimate wish is for all parishioners to support and participate with us to continually develop a stronger, more cohesive athletic program. By attending the meetings, parishioners can make suggestions, voice their opinions, and become more a part of the program and make a difference. Even if they attend the meetings and do not say one word, a statement of support will be made. Become an active Booster - the kids need your support.

We’ll see you at the meetings!